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New Year, New Mindset

Is it possible to truly create and maintain a new mindset? I am living proof that it is! The Word of God tells us to be renewed in the spirit of your mind-Ephesians 4:23

God knew how powerful the mind would be. He knew that we would have to be refreshed and renewed daily.

Here is a reality...

The condition of our lives are a result of the choices we make. The choices we make are generated from our thoughts. Our thoughts begin in the mind.

Here are 3 simple steps to renew your mind starting NOW.

  1. Pray a clear, intentional and transparent prayer; outlining the areas that you desire change.

  2. Take action in that area by making your NEXT

choice a BETTER choice.

3. Journal your growth. It is extremely powerful to document your then and now.

You have what it takes to create the life God desires for you.

Be Blessed,

Lady B

Your Coach & Confidant

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