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Aha Moment...

Often times when we hear of people making changes in their lives such as major weight loss, a career change, or the courage to shift a relationship, we are also told about the "aha" moment that propelled the change.

In regards to losing weight, I THOUGHT I had the "aha" moment when my doctor told me I would have to wear a CPAP machine to bed. I was CONVINCED I had the "aha" moment when I read my profile at the pharmacy. I was CERTAIN that I was living the "aha" moment when I literally split my work pants (while at work) and was mortified.

The fact of the matter is, I have "aha" moments every Sunday night after a week of not controlling my food, I have them when I look at my closet bulging with clothes I can't fit, and I have the "aha" moment when a new month or year comes in and I haven't stayed committed to my goals.

I tell myself in those moments that "THIS IS IT!" I will never feel this way again. I know what to do and I'm going to do it immediately. I cry a little, look at myself in the mirror and say every affirmation I know, and I go about my business. I declare that things will be different this time and I truly mean it in that moment. And then....well you know what "and then" means.

So I'm thinking that my success in any area of my life is NOT going to come in a MOMENT for me. My change, my success, is going to take a series of moments. Moments that I make good choices, moments that I rise above my cravings, moments that I level up and stop breaking promises to myself. Moments that I pause and truly ask myself a series of questions when I'm presented with situations where I feel a little out of control.

All of these moments will lead me on the path of great success in the areas that I desire to change and one day, when I look back and see how far I've come I will say "AHA".

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