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Glory Not Guilt is a diverse community of women and men with a common goal driven toward being the best version of ourselves. We are GLORY! 

what people say


GNG has been a wonderfully blessed movement of health and motivation. Not just on the physical aspect but emotional and spiritual as well. Through this movement I have been able to seek out some of the things that was hindering me from movement which I discovered was Fear. GNG has created a platform to be transparent and intentional about the things we eat, drink and how I prepare for the week. Thank you for the opportunity to be apart of a positive and growing environment. 


Glory not Guilt hasn't been just about losing physical weight for me. This divine movement has been about losing the weight of others opinions, the weight of people pleasing, the weight of self doubt, and the weight of regret. I have found my voice and I'm learning to walk away from anything that weighs me down and costs me pieces of me. And what I realize is somewhere on this Glory not Guilt journey I have stumbled across happiness, tripped over peace, and am learning to care of me!! 


Glory Not Guilt-GNG has made a huge impact in my life ... can honestly say that I have been able to break many negative cycles that were unhealthy in so many ways as I continue to birth new changes that improve my total being.It’s even encouraged my kids to eat better as they watch me go through this. I eat better, drink better, sleep better, feel clothes fit better and I even THINK better. I NEEDED this program!

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