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The Box

Why do we place limits on ourselves? Where did we learn to pack our dreams, passions and capabilities into the confines of the box that we have created?

It has taken me well into my 40's to unbox myself. Actually , I'm still "unboxing".

Over the years, I've convinced myself that I couldn't succeed in a number of areas. But these dirty little lies were based on the box that I crafted.

Some examples...

You can't apply for that job. They are asking for credentials that you don't have.

You absolutely cannot lose weight on that plan, you like food too much.

You won't be able to repair that relationship, too much damage has been done.

You won't have a healthy marriage, no one can really be trusted.

I want you to imagine the possibilities of taking the lid off of the box. No... TEAR the whole box up! Rip it to shreds!

I don't know what you may have in the box. Only you know that. But I declare that if you listen can hear the muffled cry of your dreams, your passions and your CAPABILITIES.

Let them out of the box and let God do the rest.

Lady B

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