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Stop Being Collateral Damage

Injury or harm inflicted on something other than the intended target. That is the definition of collateral damage. Often times during our wellness journey, we allow ourselves to become collateral damage.

What do I mean by that?

As soon as life gets shaky, when we are hit with a sudden change, if unexpected stressors enter our world...we allow ourselves to become collateral damage. We fail to fortify ourselves. We stop protecting our well being and we take major wellness hits.

Today I want to encourage you to protect yourself by incorporating these 3 tools:

  1. Prioritize YOU. In every situation, make the best choice possible. Be bold about your wellness journey.

  2. Speak Life. Words have power. Your words are connected to your thoughts. Begin to declare that you are capable of being healthy and fit. Believe it and align yourself with actionable steps.

  3. Know your VALUE. You will protect what you believe has value. We don't treat valuable items the same way we treat other things. Example-My designer bags are stored in a dustbag. My fine jewelry is stored separately from other jewelry. My personal documents are protected in secret places. All of these things have value and I care for them.

Protect yourself and fortify yourself from collateral damage.

Abundant Wellness

Lady B

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